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Facebook Marketing Tips and Techniques


Facebook is rapidly taking the social networking world by storm. With the increase of social media marketing, it's important to market on Facebook the right way if you want to have success. When setting up your profile, make sure you focus on who you are as a person. People relate better to someone who is personable and not too business oriented.


It's ok to promote a business on Facebook as long as it's done tastefully. People want to know who you are first before they will join any business you're involved with. Be honest with who you are in your profile. Tell people your likes, interests, and hobbies. The more real you are, the better relationships you will create. There are some very useful Facebook marketing tips and tricks to follow if you want to have success marketing on Facebook.


Facebook is truly a great place to market a business if it's done the right way. The amount of visitors they receive on a daily basis to their website is staggering. They currently have an Alexa traffic ranking of 2 ( The only site ahead of them with more traffic is Google. The great part is that you can market on Facebook for free. There is nothing better than free marketing. It's important to set-up a Facebook page that's separate from your profile if you are going to market a business.


Building a Facebook page will create brand awareness and also help with your ranking in the search engines. You can only have one profile, but you can have multiple business pages linked to your profile. The way you build up your page rankings is to increase the number of "fans" you receive.


The more people that become fans of your page, the better it will rank. You can promote your Facebook marketing business page by linking it to your website, blogs, Squidoo lenses or any of your other social media/content sharing sites. If you have a Twitter account you can link it to your Facebook profile. When you update what you are doing on Twitter, it will also update on Facebook.


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Since people are being flooded with business opportunities all over the Internet today, people need to know who they are getting involved with before they join any business opportunity. With the Internet being so impersonal and automated, people are very skeptical about who they do business with. Remember, there are millions of people promoting businesses online today.


You need to set yourself apart from these other marketers. The good news is that there's only one you. That's why it's so important for people to get to know the real you. Be social and don't always be posting about your business opportunity.


Make sure you choose a good photo as your profile picture. Choose a picture that's clear and shows you smiling. You can also add multiple pictures to your photo albums. Add pictures with family, on vacation, candid shots, and anything that will show people who you are as a person. If you want people to take you serious as a business person, make sure the photos you choose are appropriate. When doing friend requests, it's always nice to add a friendly note introducing yourself to the person you are requesting.


Facebook is a tremendous way to connect with people from all over the world. If you focus on creating your brand as a person, and follow the right rules of engagement, you will have success marketing on Facebook.


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